5 Tips to Consider before Buying Second Hand Furniture

5 Tips to Consider before Buying Second Hand Furniture

Choosing a second hand or vintage furniture can be a tricky business. I have been visiting the Vintage Furniture market in Oshiwara in Mumbai for years now and can help you with the first-hand experience. You may get confused and may experience decision fatigue but from my mistakes that I’ve learnt over the years, here are 5 Tips to Consider before Buying Second Hand Furniture. They will help you go prepared and save you a lot of time and help you make the right choice with clarity.

1. Check the products – before making a purchase, physically examine the products for any damages. Give it a jolt, feel the texture and most importantly check for bugs, mites and other pests.  In the case of furniture, sit to check if you find it comfortable.

2. Quality, Authenticity and Detailing – if you are looking for antiques, talk to the stall other for all details and check the quality. For objects that are intricately designed and are made of high-quality raw materials, prices are likely to be high. (Follow my Pinterest board for Home Decor Inspiration)

3. Reconsider making few visits – if you are absolutely sure of what you are looking for, then you can save time by asking the store owner for the exact item. If you are unsure or are in a bit of a dilemma, take a few rounds, and if you still want to buy it, do go back and check once again. Given the number of items and the number of shops, things do get confusing, that is why I chose the best shops for you.

4. Go prepared – if you have dust allergy, go prepared. If not well kept most second-hand furniture in Mumbai can gather dust mites etc. Also, do not forget to carry your water, umbrella and tissues for it gets sweltering during the day. It is advisable to go during the day as you can examine the items better in natural light.

5. Costs – Before purchasing an item, do make sure to calculate the total cost that would be required in case you want to add something extra to the furniture piece or incase, you re-furbish the items from scratch. I do not bargain much with the shops’ owners as the prices are reasonable enough compared to what we buy online for something that is not even made of wood. Also, these businesses keep the art of carpentry alive and give employment to many.

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