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About Alisha Kaisar
Hi, I’m Alisha Kaisar

I’m a blogger, web designer, graphic designer and co-founder of the Creative Studio – By Designory and a Sustainable Lifestyle Enthusiast. Born and bred in Guwahati, I moved to the city of Dreams- Mumbai in 2013. I left academics for my love for design and refused to join the ‘9 to 5’ cubicle work culture. Eventually, after a lot of daydreaming, bouts of self- doubt and perseverance have launched my profitable Creative Studio in Mumbai. Making a shift is always a tumultuous task whether it is shifting your work online or changing your lifestyle. Based on everything I learnt in the last five years, I am here to help you launch and manage your business ONLINE.


I believe in having dreams and being optimistic but most importantly I believe in having MY OWN dreams, not my parents’, not my friends’ nor my peers’. No one should be confined or stereotyped but should be allowed to work hard, think creatively and contribute to the world positively. One of the first things I learn at college was to open our minds and exercise our creativity.

Back in the day, it was a struggle to connect with the world outside or to get any recognition for your work, especially if you happen to stay in a small city like Guwahati. But the internet has been a boon for everyone wanting to work globally. It gives us a platform to express ourselves and offer our services.

But is having dreams and internet access enough?

I always wanted to be a writer. Having completed my graduation in English Literature and being married back in 2010 at just 22, I have been on an amazing journey with many ups and downs. I moved to Hyderabad and then to Mumbai, the city of dreams as they call it. After doing extremely well at my Interior Designing Course I was at a stage where I had to choose between a Creative business and preparing for a safe 9 to 5 government job. I decided to choose my dreams and that’s when I started this blog. I love DESIGN and I’m very passionate about CREATIVITY. I’m totally obsessed with the whole culture of Arts and Creativity. I started this blog in 2015 to share everything that I had learnt over the years about skin issues, weight loss, hormonal problems, career and life (all 90s kid’s problems).

A few years of piling on weight, being constantly bogged down by the world (although I believe most people always have the best intentions) and of course from the pressures of my expectations, I had been left completely paralysed. I lost confidence, money, energy and most importantly, hope. But like they say, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny,” it was time once again to fight back. I decided to transform myself. It was tough, it was challenging but it did just what was required.

I and husband had to shut two running businesses in a span of two years, struggle with health, we were left with no savings and almost no income for two years but eventually finally got back on our feet.

I completed my masters, got a diploma in interior designing and started this blog. Together, we hosted successful events and finally launched our Website Design firm in 2018. We started with almost zero investments but have come a long way since then. It has been a beautiful journey. We are seeing a delay at the launch of our web designer office because of the pandemic but we will rise out of it bigger and stronger. 

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