Having completed my graduation in English Literature and being married back in 2010 at just 22, I have been on an amazing journey with many ups and downs. I moved to Hyderabad and then to Mumbai, the city of dreams as they call it. After doing extremely well in my Interior Designing Course, I had to choose between a Creative business and preparing for a safe 9 to 5 government job. I decided to choose my dreams.  I’m obsessed with the whole culture of Arts and Creativity. 

My husband and I finally launched our Website Design firm in 2018. We started with almost zero investments but have come a long way since then. It has been a beautiful journey. But I’m not here to just speak about myself and my dreams or tell you how I managed to make ‘x’ amount of money, I’m here to share with you my mistakes and guide you so you can apply the solutions to your life

Hey, Business Owner:

I believe in having dreams and being optimistic but most importantly I believe in having MY OWN dreams, not my parents, not my friends’ nor my peers’.

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