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Artisanal Skincare


Artisanal Skincare

It has been nearly two years since I started blogging and I am overwhelmed with the response I have been receiving lately. I had reached a point in life when I decided to throw out everything that was not clean or healthy for my body and started eating consciously and then finally swapping to chemical-free beauty products. Taking the first step is always difficult but once you have had the breakthrough, you can progress easily. If you want to start with a brand that is completely natural, effective and is priced reasonably, I will suggest you try Artisanal Skincare. Artisanal Skincare is a range of skincare and wellness products that are not only handmade but have limited edition as well. Without any preservatives, the oils, herbs, and spices are sourced from all over India – from Himachal to Kerala – with some even coming from across the oceans. I am featuring two of their best products in the post introduce to you the brand  – Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask and Activated Charcoal Green Tea.

Artisanal Skincare

Artisanal Skincare

Activated Charcoal Green Tea

The Activated Charcoal Green tea is a soap-free cleanser which can be used regularly as a face cleanser. The two main ingredients are – activated charcoal which is supposed to pull out the dirt and bacteria from the pores and green tea which soothes the skin without leaving it too dry. I found the cleanser to be mild but like I always recommend that you do a patch test before using the product for the first time, especially if you have sensitive skin. The turmeric provides radiance to the skin while the lemon brightens the skin tone. Overall, I found the cleanser to be effective, the only issue is the slight smell of chickpeas which I am not a big fan of :P. Otherwise, it is great for use, especially before heading out for an instant glow.

Artisanal Skincare

Activated Charcoal Green Tea


Wild Turmeric, Chickpea Flour, Green Tea, Activated Charcoal, Lemon.

Shelf Life

6 months


Make a thick paste with water or curd. Exfoliate gently and wash it off with cold water and follow up with rose water.

Price – 100 gms for Rs 650.

Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask

From the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel, this therapeutic Black Mud is full of antioxidants and minerals that stimulate circulation and improve skin texture and tone. It cleanses deeply, exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. Dead sea mud is high in minerals, such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, hence it nourishes the skin. The lake is actually 9 times as salty as the oceans of the world. The same reason why aquatic or marine life is non-existent, why the water is not fit for drinking and of course why you keep afloat in the waters of the Dead Sea. Besides, all of that, the mud is very useful for treating skin conditions like psoriasis. Artisanal Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask is of course 100% pure without any other extra ingredient added to it. The mask is excellent for healing skin conditions, moisturising and detoxifying. This is a must-try for everyone with skin problems.

Artisanal Skincare

Pure Dead Sea Mask


Pure Dead Sea Mud


Apply a thick layer on your face & neck avoiding the eye area and any wounds. Leave it for 10 – 12 minutes. Remove by gently rubbing your fingers in circular motions for overall exfoliation and remove any excess with lukewarm water. (May cause tingling sensation). Can be used once a week.

Price 100 gms for Rs 1,300. 

or 50 gms for Rs 650.

I would definitely recommend the mask if you’d ask me. The brand has a range of individual products as well as hampers for body and face which are perfect for gifting to loved ones or even yourself. Do share your thoughts, if you happen to use their products.

Where to Buy?

Visit Artisanal Skincare to place orders for completely natural and toxin-free beauty products. For any queries, contact –

About Artisanal Skincare

Artisanal Skincare is the brainchild of Shivani and Akanksha. Shivani is a reiki practitioner and yoga teacher and a lifelong believer that Mother Nature has answers to most things. Akanksha is an award-winning wildlife filmmaker with a deep connection with nature and wilderness that only a few people have. Each recipe is derived either from their travels or was passed down from their grandmothers.

All products are cruelty-free and are also free from preservatives, chemicals, and essences. The packaging is in recycled plastic and mostly in powdered form. This helps them avoid preservatives and increase the shelf life of the products.

All products free from Parabens and Sulphate.

Alisha Kaisar

Alisha Kaisar

I’m a blogger, designer & co-founder of the Creative Studio – By Designory. Born and bred in Guwahati, I moved to the city of Dreams- Mumbai in 2013. I left academics for my love for design and refused to join the ‘9 to 5’ cubicle work culture. Eventually, after a lot of daydreaming, bouts of self- doubt and perseverance launched my profitable Creative Studio in Mumbai.




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    I enjoy reading your blog. You introduce so many new brands and I like to explore new organic and safe skin care brands.

    • alisha

      Thank you so much for visiting my website and appreciating it . I hope you continue to read and enjoy . Please do let me know if there is anything in particular that you would want me to cover 🙂

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