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Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture


Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Built around the philosophy “Fashion does not have to come at the price of a life”, Arture is a premium lifestyle brand that stems out of the love for nature. The range includes lifestyle accessories such as bags, wallets, iPad sleeves, card case etc for both men and women, completely harm-free. Ensuring top quality by carefully hand picking the materials that are au natural and vegan, Arture provides the finest designs with soul and compassion.

Natural Cork as Raw Material 

Every product is made up of 100% natural cork and is also completely leather-free. Cork is the raw product of cork oak trees and common recognition of cork would be the material used for wine stoppers. Cork does not involve cutting down of any trees and as such is the most ecological material of its kind. The cultivators strip the bark which regenerates over a period of nine years. The harvested bark is finely sliced into thin sheets and mounted on a soft backing, giving it a  feather-touch fabric.

Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Arture iPad Sleeve

Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Artier Travel Wallet

Why gift yourself an Arture accessory?

  • Peta approved Vegan – Their range is completely leather-free. Made up of 100 % cork, Arture ensures top quality by going Au Naturel.
  • Water Resistant & Anti Fungal – Not only are the accessories water resistant, but they also tackle one of the biggest threats of monsoons – fungus and mould.
  • Sturdy & Light Weight – The porous structure gives it incredible lightness and flexibility while cork’s durability makes it resistant to abrasions.
  • Sustainable – Their range is environmentally friendly and does not even include wild mushrooms.
  • Warranty –  Limited one year warranty is provided along with every product.
Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Arture Sling Bag

Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Archer Travel Wallet

About Arture

Archer was born out of a drive to create products that are inspired by and created from nature. But functionality and aesthetic needed to co-exist, and at the same time, there is a need to create products that would reduce impact on the environment. The equation for the future of fashion has been born amidst the warmth of Chennai city. Art + nature = Arture.

” Innovation and experimentation lead us to the perfect material for our dream, which was cork fabrics. Cork was the perfect medium for us to create accessories that are not just beautiful and timeless, but are also responsibly and ethically made.”  The designers behind the label Shivani and Kesha had the same dream to design something that was different, stylish yet functional. Shivani has been a part of the fashion industry for a long time and desired to start a brand-label that she could proudly call as hers someday. On the other hand, Keshsa comes from a business background and the whole idea of wanting to start something of her own, sparked this idea with Shivani. A combination of their love for animals, the patterns of nature and their complementary skill set gave birth to Arture.

Bagging Environmental Goodwill With Arture

Arture Tote

Watch Arture’s heartwarming Earth of the Future introduction video here that is sure to brighten up your day and leave you with joy.

To place orders visit Arture. 

Offer Code – 

I’d like to share my joy with all of you by offering you a discount code to avail 10 % off on all purchases. Use the code – BEAUTYSPRINKLES to avail discounts till the 6th Of September 2016.

*All images & information sources via Arture Pvt Ltd 

Alisha Kaisar

Alisha Kaisar

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