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Beading A Better World With Omoya

Beading A Better World With Omoya

Beading A Better World With Omoya

Beading A Better World With Omoya

Omoya is a jewellery brand that embodies the joy, force and vitality in every woman. A Zulu word signifying air, soul and spirit, Omoya takes inspirations from virtually everything from simple everyday items to visually striking objects from nature. The aim is to imbue jewellery with a sense of vibrancy and to lend geometric spins to everyday objects.

Meticulously handwoven and hand finished these designs are a statement on their own. The beading technique used is called Peyote Stitch or gourd stitch. A Native American art form, the technique employed is referred to as off-loom beading pointing towards the fact that the pieces are woven only with needle and thread without the use of a loom.

Beading A Better World With Omoya

Omoya Earring

The beads used are manufactured in Japan and are called Delica beads. Unlike the beads readily available in the market which are round and irregular, Delicas are cylindrical and are of uniform size. This allows them to stack up snugly allowing for a neat and finished look. Starting right from earrings to necklaces and from bag accessories to anklets, Omoya jewellery is the best fit for a laid-back bohemian look as well as for a  formal occasion.

The brand’s association and collaboration with Prerana, Naunihal, a shelter facility for girls need special mention and applaud. Prerana works to end intergenerational prostitution and to protect women and children from threats of human trafficking by defending their rights and dignity.

About Omoya  

Beading A Better World With Omoya

Omoya Anklet

Emanating from the love of handcrafted bead weaving, the Ghate sisters – Eesha and Shriya are the duos behind the brand. Eesha is an ex banking cog who tossed it all up to pursue her interests. She is a self-taught jewellery maker with a penchant for intricate patterns and details. Shriya is the general errand girl and alarm clock.

“The philosophy behind the creation of the brand is to promote handmade and handcrafted bead weaving art. To share the joy we experience from making the jewellery with those who wear it.”

To take a quick peek at the collection visit Omoya and for placing orders go the Etsy store.

*All Images via Omoya

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Alisha Kaisar

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