What Cancel Culture Can Cost your business

Two years ago, we were approached by a very popular YouTuber and her boyfriend to make their website. As a procedure, they paid an advance which is half of the total advance. Every project involves going back and forth because clients have ideas that need to need to be executed. A lot goes into the […]

Why You need your own website

A lot of times, we come across brands or people who don’t look authentic and for real reasons, we either don’t accept the request or invitation to communicate with them. An account without a real face or a business without a website often adds to the apprehension. A website doesn’t only guarantee the authenticity or […]

How to support other women in business

If you are a woman reading this, you must know the struggles of heading an organisation or running your business. Most often, we are not taken seriously or paid way less than we deserve. Culturally speaking, women have been conditioned to be competitive towards and envious of other women because of the lack of job […]

How to make your Online Business or Service Look More Professional

How to make your Online Business or Service Look More Professional. Build brand and services online

Starting your own business is never easy. I wanted to work for myself since I was a teenager but was never taken seriously either because I was just a teenager or more so because I am a woman. The struggle remains the same, especially if you happen to have a small business and you’re just […]

How to Fight the Imposter Syndrome

Fight the Imposter Syndrome

One of the constant struggles for a creative business entrepreneur is dealing with bouts of self doubt. It is likely that you will come across nasty clients who would like to degrade you to make themselves feel better but remember only you are in charge of your life and not them. So, Are you afraid […]

How to write an SEO Friendly Post

One of the best ways of generating traffic to your website is to start blogging. The best way to bring traffic to your blog is to write an SEO Friendly Post. Although some say that blogging is almost dead, I beg to differ, and there are definitely ways to increase blog traffic in 2020. I […]

Comparison Between Wix and WordPress India

Comparison Between Wix and Wordpress India

When I started blogging in 2015, I did not have too many options because everyone was outright suggesting WordPress and mostly because of user friendliness and SEO. But if you ask me to compare Wix and WordPress 2020, I will have many points to compare the two. I have seen many people move their blog […]

Ten Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes

I have always wanted to be ‘my own boss’, and it goes back to my childhood when I tried to write articles for the newspaper when I was in standard eight. After completing my masters in English Literature, and getting a diploma in Interior Designing, I was ready to take up a job, a ‘real job’ […]

Milly Design Studio, Anastasija Lagusnika.

Milly Design Studio, Anastasija Lagusnika.

Milly Design Studio, Anastasija Lagusnika. Art Enthusiast, Graphic Designer, Ladyprenuer, Craft Junkie and Freelancer The month of April marks the onset of  Spring and new year for many different regions of the country and I happen to be welcoming it ardently from creating a cleaner website to getting a fresh beautiful logo. Let me take […]