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Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

One of the best things about winters,  other than snuggling in the bed and watching our favourite movies or going out with friends, is the chance to flaunt some pieces of fine clothing. For somebody like me, who has this natural inclination towards natural fabrics and handmade products, I can say that I have got my hands on something very tasteful.

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

The raw fabric

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

The Weavers of the Hills.

CHIRITA by Anuja. K consists of the exquisite artistry of nature, in the form of beautifully designed and handcrafted apparels, accessories and outerwear garments. An organic designer wear brand, the name is derived from an ancient Sanskrit name of the flower which blooms from the ‘Giant Nettle Plant.’ Much like the blossoming of a beautiful flower, CHIRITA helps to bloom the livelihood of women weavers of Uttrakhand in their own humble way.

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

A Chirita Scarf

Fabric and the Weave 

The raw material used is the Himalayan Nettle Plant which in simple terms is a tall and erect herb found in the Himalayan range. The plant grows in clumps and every clump has many stems which contain fibre of unique quality, one that is durable, smooth and light.

CHIRITA’S collections are not just inspired by current trends, in fact, there is a timeless quality when it comes to the fabric and the designs and it is this that makes it all the more appealing.
Each piece is handcrafted from raw Fibres to finished product, by the women weavers of the hills.
The process of extraction of the yarn to the final product takes about a month and as a result, each piece tends to be not just limited but also exclusive.

About The Label 

Conceptualized in 2012, CHIRITA is a fusion of contemporary clothing and a sincere commitment towards social responsibility. The belief is to be kind to our environment, natural in our resources and treating the team of exceptionally talented artisans with love and care. The products reflect the efforts put by women weavers of the Himalayan foothills who work with natural yarns and dyes. The local fabric is handspun, naturally dyed and hand-knitted to create simple yet beautiful multi-functional apparels and accessories for the artistically inclined consumers who are also sensitive towards the origin of the products they purchase.

Chirita And The Women Weavers Of The Hills.

Chirita’s collection at The Green Earth Affair. (Image by Nilli Bhatt)

How to Buy 

Visit CHIRITA’s official page to place orders.

All other images via CHIRITA

Alisha Kaisar

Alisha Kaisar

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