Comparison Between Wix and Wordpress India

Comparison Between Wix and WordPress India

When I started blogging in 2015, I did not have too many options because everyone was outright suggesting WordPress and mostly because of user friendliness and SEO. But if you ask me to compare Wix and WordPress 2020, I will have many points to compare the two. I have seen many people move their blog or website from Wix to WordPress and WordPress to Wix. Some of them finding WordPress difficult while others just mesmerised by Wix templates and concluding that building a website is as easy as expressed in the marketing campaigns. There are a few points to consider when making a website, and based on that, I am giving you a comparison between Wix and WordPress India. The following details will help you decide the best platform for you in the long term. You will be able to finally make the best choice based on your goals and build the website you have been wanting to develop for years.

1. Basic Difference:

Wix is a drag and drop website builder with a variety of stylish website and blog templates. WordPress is a content management system, as well as a web platform. Designing a website on Wix is super easy because it does not require coding but developing a theme on WordPress requires one to have coding knowledge. However, thousand of templates on WordPress too allows you to make a website without any basic knowledge of coding.

2. Hosting:

Wix provides own hosting while WordPress websites need to self hosted. Eg on BlueHost, A2 Hosting etc.

3. Support:

Wix has a dedicated support team while for a WordPress website or a blog the support comes from the hosting provider.

4. Plugins:

Wix has an App Market while WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes and plugins. You can learn to upload themes through documents over a period of time or get a designer or developer to do it for you.

5. Platform:

Wix is a closed platform while WordPress has an open source platform where you can find help just by checking your queries online.

6. Coding Option:

Wix comes with stylish templates but the option to code is very limited even after hiring a designer. WordPress has the option for advanced and easy custom coding.

7. Speed:

WordPress websites tend to be faster especially with good hosting providers while Wix websites tend to be slower. Please, remember the speed of your website or blog while affect performance. You may get traffic or hits to your website but if the speed is low, views are going to get affected in the long run.

8. SEO:

WordPress websites have plugins that work perfectly when it comes to SEO, especially with regards to blogging. Wix has SEO but is limited when compared to WordPress.

9. Pricing:

Wix is good to start a basic website, but if you want to run a business or manage content, traffic, etc., Wix becomes very expensive in the long run. The best option here is WordPress. Running your own business can become overwhelming so you need to consider a few points to focus on your business, here are Ten Mistakes every freelancer makes.

10. Payment Gateway:

For a Wix website, payment gateway options in India are limited while there are multiple options for WordPress. Anybody wanting to run an e-commerce business should definitely consider this point.

Along with all the points mentioned above, there is another problem of migration. While you can migrate your content from WordPress to Wix easily, you cannot migrate your content from Wix back to WordPress automatically. You will have to do everything from scratch, manually.

Comparison Between Wix and WordPress India. SEO
Comparison Between Wix and WordPress India


Wix is great if you want to build a simple good looking website mainly for your portfolio or business. For anything more advanced, WordPress is hands down the best Platform.

The above mentioned points are for comparing features of Wix and WordPress 2020 but if you have any questions regarding any other platform, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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