DVibgyor , natural beauty and sustainable fashion shopping online

D’Vibgyor, natural beauty and sustainable fashion shopping online

D’Vibgyor, natural beauty and sustainable fashion shopping online

DVibgyor, natural beauty and sustainable fashion shopping online

The last month has been a busy one with a whole lot of tedious tasks to complete starting from attending events to shifting the house. Shifting house, as we all know is a stressful chore and needs no explanation on how much time it tends to consume. Amid all the confusion and chaos, I feel the need to turn to my natural set of handmade soaps and cleansers all the more (to soak in and relax at the end of the day ). I came across D’Vibgyor and since I loved their ideas of offering services to customers, especially the ones with a conscious mind, I decided to share their story.

D'Vibgyor , natural beauty and sustainable fashion shopping online
Ma Earth Botanicals gift box.

On enquiring about their product range, the team was nice enough to send me a gift pack containing my favourite products from Ma Earth Botanicals.

About D’Vibgyor 

From bags to fashion apparel, shoes to accessories and home decor, D’Vibgyor is a platform that provides customers with everything they are looking for. One important motive of launching the website was to preserve and promote the tribal artisans, the magic of their handwork and the art of weaving. The focus at D’Vibgyor is on handwork, hand dying, handmade and organic products, a love for timeless fashion as compared to fast forward fashion. D’Vibgyor helps to bring in the best for customers at large. The website offers an array of designer products for customers with categories in fashion apparel, accessories, beauty and health, home and living. However, what got me most interested was the wide range of natural beauty brands, eco-living home decor and sustainable fashion brands.

Brands Covered 

D'Vibgyor , natural beauty and sustainable fashion shopping online

Amongst a wide range of brands covered by D’Vibgyor the below mentioned are a few –

Panika Project: The Panika tribe hails from a small village called Kati in rural India but due to acute poverty has been living hand to mouth for generations, However, as a community, they have been gifted of a unique skill, the art of weaving a special khadi cloth that has been passed down through generations in the Panika tribe. The brand was started with a cause to support the Panika Tribe whose sole means of self-sustenance is the cloth they weave by hand. Each product has a customized print on the hand-woven panika material and all products are currently stitched at the rehabilitation centre for the physically handicapped in Mumbai. So, with every purchase, you contribute to society and the tribe and help revive an art form that has been long forgotten. The Panika Project makes shoe bags, laptop sleeves, travel pouches, sling bags and sunglass covers made with hand-woven Khadi (Panika) cloth with modern art print.

OmVed: Omved believes in reviving ancient Vedic traditions and living a balanced life and thus they operate on a fair trade basis and opt only for biodegradable and recycled packaging. All products are handcrafted by artisans and are natural and biodegradable. They include a wide range of organic beauty products, natural skincare products, slimming tea, hair care products, organic baby products and aromatherapy.

Ma Earth Botanicals: read about their soaps, hair care and rose range.

My Ma Earth Botanicals gift box contained – peppermint soap, tangerine soap, lavender scrub and rose scrub. The products were very well packaged and reached me conveniently in just two days. Additionally, I loved the fact that they use a seed paper tag instead of paper tags. These tags are made up of cotton-waste with embedded seeds which grow into pretty wildflowers.

How to order

Visit – D’Vibgyor 

Slowly, the consumers as well as the market is turning green and opting for more natural and biodegradable ways of conducting business. In this endeavour, every small choice we make can save ourselves our health and protect the environment. I have decided to do whatever little I can to contribute even if it means going green when it comes to items of my daily needs.

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