Five Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix India

Five Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix India

I have been fascinated with crime documentaries all my life. Earlier it was back to back episodes of Crime Patrol, and later it was my obsession with Discovery ID channel. However, after Netflix happened to me in 2016, I now keep going to their crime documentaries section now and then. Crime documentaries help me destress because I stop thinking about my issues and focus on the suspense and so I can give my mind and constant thoughts some rest. Anyways, spend your weekend watching these Five Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix India and start the next week fresh.

1. Amanda Knox

Time: 1 hour 32 mins Year:2016 Age:16+

The documentary opens with a picturesque glimpse of the beautiful Renaissance Italian town of Perugia and a police officer on call informing the death of a young British girl called Meredith Kercher. The suspects are 20-year-old American student Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend of five days Raffaele Sollecito. Both of them are arrested, convicted, and thrown into prison for years. There is no doubt that the unfolding of the events and the interviews keep you hooked, but what adds to the documentary significantly is the beautiful landscape and the cinematography. Not to forget the monologues in the beginning and the end, “And if I’m guilty, it means I am the ultimate figure to fear.

On the other hand, if I’m innocent, it means everyone’s vulnerable. And it’s everyone’s nightmare.” “I think people love monsters. And so when they get the chance they want to see them. It’s people projecting their fears. They want the reassurance that they know who the bad people are, and it’s not them.”

The two monologues emphasise on the humanity of the protagonist.

2. Unsolved Mysteries

Time: Series Year:2020 Age:13+

The first season has six episodes: the first of disappearance and a strange discovery, the second disappearance of women and a shocking turn, the third an aristocratic French family, their disappearance and a tragedy, the fourth of the mystery of the disappearance of a young man suggestive of a hate crime, the fifth of the terrifying UFO experiences and the sixth of the dissonance of a girl after testifying that her mother killed her stepfather.

This series is great to watch over the weekend.

3. Who Killed Little Gregory?

Time: Series Year:2019 Age:18+

A four-year-old boy named Gregory Villemin is murdered and thrown into the Vologne River on October 16, 1984. What follows is an arduous battle of a young couple with twists and turns while trying to identify the killer who had been anonymously calling them and sending them letters for four years before the murder. It is a very well crafted documentary with interviews and footage that also portrays the insensitivity of the media towards the grieving parents of a toddler.

4. The Alcasser Murders

Time: Series Year:2019 Age:16+

Miriam Garcia, Antonia Gomez and Desiree Hernandez disappeared in 1992 in Alcasser Spain while hitchhiking to a nightclub in nearby Picassent. The whole country is shaken and comes forward to help rescue the missing girls. However, after 75 days, the bodies are recovered. The series is very well-paced and keeps the revelations coming right through the final episode. Once again, the documentary throws light at the intensity of the media and the obsession with sensationalism.

5. The Trials of Gabriel Fernández

Time: Series Year:2020 Age:16+

The only reason I have put this documentary at number Five is that it was difficult and painful to watch it. It haunted me for days thinking about the horrifying treatment the little boy had to go through at the hands of his own mother and her boyfriend. However, the documentary series shows how the torture and the subsequent murder of the little boy could be avoided if authorities acted on time. There are images and dialogues of child abuse so susceptible people or people with mental health issues may find it triggering. Please refrain from watching if you get disturbed by graphic imagery.

So, here are my Five Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix India. Did I miss out anything that worth a watch? Please recommend in the comments.

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