Five Things to Add to your Self Care Routine

Five Things to Add to your Self Care Routine

Being a freelancer or running your own business is not a piece of cake, especially in the initial years. It becomes your responsibility to take utmost care of yourself and introduce a good self-care routine to your schedule. Self-care is any activity voluntarily done to take care of one’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Such a routine helps improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and maintain a good relationship with yourself and others. Every once in a while, you need to take some time out for yourself and spend it to recuperate. Let me share five things to add to your self-care session that will guarantee to lift your moods and help you rejuvenate after a hectic day:

1) Relaxing bath-

Perhaps there’s no better elixir than taking a long bath at the end of a busy day. Soaking in warm water can be therapeutic and reinvigorating as it stabilises blood pressure, relieves muscle pain, soothes irritated skin, and relieves symptoms of a cold or flu. Warm baths are considered to make the skin release endorphins and, as a result, help in overall mental health. So go ahead, put on some music, fill up a glass with your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic wine and soak in some bubbly water forgetting all the complications of adult life.

2) Essential oils and diffuser-

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Using essential oil diffusers or aromatherapy is a natural yet effective way to maintain good health. The fragrance helps you unwind after a tough day by boosting your mood, treating headaches, and promoting healthy sleep patterns. Using diffusers requires the least amount of effort, but it is an excellent tool for tackling anxiety. If you are someone like me who likes to relax at home, diffusers become a necessity.

3) Cooking a hearty meal-

Cooking a complete meal can be highly therapeutic as you start with your raw ingredients and, in the end, finish with a beautiful fulfilling meal. The rhythmic chopping and stirring can also calm your nerves down. Cooking is essentially an act of self-love that promotes self-sufficiency and connects you with other people you cook for. So, make yourself a priority today and cook a healthy meal to satiate both your mental and emotional health requirements.

4) Face serums-

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A good skincare routine leaves your skin healthy and glowing, but it can also be an exceptionally calming exercise. It can potentially give you great satisfaction to go through the steps of a skincare routine. A face serum is an essential part of skin care; it is thin in texture and contains concentrated amounts of active ingredients. Choose a serum based on your skin type and age. You can also introduce crystal rollers and gua sha face tools for calming and massaging your facial muscles.

5) Nap in a warm and cosy bed-

A nap can be an effective way to relax and recharge after a period of straining yourself with work or studies. It is proven to uplift your mood instantly with added benefits of improved memory, creativity and alertness. But untimely or long naps could make you feel groggy all day long. So remember to nap whenever you need one as a part of your self-care routine.

We are all learning and advancing every single day. I know you don’t see how far you have come every day but do check your progress since at least a year ago and you will realise what all you have gained. If you are a freelancer and want to read about all the mistakes I made in the early years, head over to this post.

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