Fight the Imposter Syndrome

How to Fight the Imposter Syndrome

One of the constant struggles for a creative business entrepreneur is dealing with bouts of self doubt. It is likely that you will come across nasty clients who would like to degrade you to make themselves feel better but remember only you are in charge of your life and not them. So, Are you afraid to put your ideas out in the world, fearing that you’ll be called out? Despite your experience or qualification, you may sometimes feel bouts of self-doubt. While self-doubt is natural, it should not stop you from taking action. The constant, ‘Am I good enough to do this, what if they ask me something I don’t know, am I a fraud…’ is what is referred to as imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome affects even very well-established people because it has nothing to do with our qualifications or experience. The aftermath is being stuck in a particular situation for months or even years. Here are a few ways to fight the imposter syndrome and continue to grow and evolve:

Done is better than perfect

Little details add finesse, but obsessing over small details can only keep you stuck in a situation. If you always back out at the last moment, you will never be able to move ahead and take the plunge. Remember to do what you can with all you know or have at the moment. There will be plenty of time to hone your skills and get better.

Learn to change your Mindset

The moment you find yourself in that zone of negative self-talk, try changing your thoughts. Recognise that this is a pattern and focus on the potential in a situation rather than thinking about your flaws. Remember, you are on your way to getting better. You will grow and evolve.

Celebrate small Victories

The problem with us is that we are obsessed to have it all and in the shortest time possible. Often you forget where you started and where you are at the moment. Look back and remind yourself of all the small victories you’ve had over the weeks and feel reinspired.

Let go of Control

Learn to be okay with not having all the answers. You can always learn along the way. Don’t be afraid if someone asks you something you don’t know because I’m sure they would never know all the things you know. Continue to grow and evolve and learn to let go. Give your best shot at things and prepare for problems. There will be challenges, but you’ll win over each of them.

Check the energy of your tribe

I’m all for constructive criticism because it allows me to grow. However, be aware of the negative people around you. Years ago, I had heard an amazing quote that stayed with me, “Do not discuss your big dreams with small minds”. Dream on, do the work and move ahead with focus. Conserve your energy and do not let others suck your energy out.

I have learnt that training your mind is bigger than anything else you do for growth and success. It is for this this reason that I believe in preparing to get into the right mindset every single morning. An amazing way to do that is writing your thoughts down in a journal. Years ago, I came across The Happiness Journal and it help me understand the power of habits. (Here is what I thought about the planners)Today, almost seven years later, I am still continuing the habit of writing down my thoughts.

So, what about you? Do you have any solutions to fight the imposter syndrome?

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