How to Set Up a Table for Dinner Diwali party, thanksgiving, Christmas and New year

How to Set Up a Table for Dinner

There is something special about the holiday season and how it affects me. The soft sun, the clean foggy air, the aroma of fresh bakes, the spirit of kinship and generosity and the lights sets a different mood altogether, especially for an aesthete like me. Ever since I was a kid, I used to look forward to the end of the year. Growing up it was about wearing fashionable clothes, listening to Christmas songs, top 100 songs of the year, awards shows, Christmas movies etc. We used to even celebrate with our own real Christmas Tree, and even though we did not know how to set up a Christmas table for dinner, we used to celebrate with cakes, cookies and milk. Although we are going to have a quiet holiday this year season, we can still set up a Christmas table for dinner and enjoy the peaceful time at home virtually connecting with loved ones. Based on my table setting ideas for home, I’ll share with you my tips on How to Set Up a Table for Dinner:

1.Textiles and Textures

Adding a variety of textures will add more depth and feel to the setting. You can add textures through the fabric, natural elements, furniture, flatware etc. Play around with the placemats, chairs, seatings etc.

2. Layerings

Layering is one of the most important factors while decorating the table. Creating height and dimension definitely prevent a flattish appearance. Starting from the bottom, we can add layers with table cloth, placemats, plates and for the height add flowers, centrepieces, candles and glassware. The height is an important factor because too much of a height will block the view, and too little will make the table look flat.

3. Napkins & Flatwares

You can arrange your napkins in multiple ways and with different accessories. When it comes to flatware, I’m absolutely obsessed because aesthetics are my thing and also because the right crockery adds to the mood and are always great props. I absolutely adore stoneware and handmade pottery items because I like adding more organic elements.

4. Centerpieces

A Centerpiece is actually the most important factor while decorating the table. It helps decide the mood and the theme. During Autumn, pumpkins can be used for the centrepiece and if you want to play safe flowers and candle are the best bet. Presently, I am obsessing over pampas grass and dried flowers over jute runners.

5. Accessories

Accessories are essential because they can always add a personal touch and add to the overall feel you want to create for your dinner party. Artificial flowers, pine cones, fake snowflakes can greatly add to the feel and vibe of the celebration.

6. Lighting

Lighting is an important factor to consider while setting the mood right for dinner. Hanging lights create a more festive and celebratory feel, while dim lights with candles add warmth and romance. Bright light creates a more clean and fresh look.

7. Food Styling

Food Styling has become a popular concept mostly because everybody wants to put up their food pictures on Instagram. You can watch videos or take a workshop to learn more about food styling.

8. Music

Food and celebration are synonymous with good music. Music is important to add to the energy of the celebration. My personal favourite for a small dinner is jazz music.

9. Aroma

When you want to add a complete experience for your guests, never underestimate the power of smell. The aroma of the food is significant so remember to add very subtle scent, so it doesn’t overpower the smell of food. Scented candles and diffusers are the best options.

10. Handwritten notes or Personalisation

For me, dinners are an important way of connecting with loved ones, and I love making them feel special. The best and a thoughtful way of doing this is to add a personalised note. Along with the menu, you can add a small note for your guests with a line about them. This will keep the memories alive because dinner is not just about the food but more about the times you share with your kin.

Remember, to enjoy your holidays and your small dinner parties this season because the year has thought us the importance of staying connected. If you also want to add changes to your space other than learning how to set up a Christmas table for dinner, read about it here.

Enjoy your holidays and stay connected!

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