How to support other women in business

If you are a woman reading this, you must know the struggles of heading an organisation or running your business. Most often, we are not taken seriously or paid way less than we deserve. Culturally speaking, women have been conditioned to be competitive towards and envious of other women because of the lack of job opportunities or even to have some sort of voice in a setting. Today, more and more women-powered organisations and start-ups are coming up leading to better collaborations and ultimately to huge success.
It has been rightly said, “A woman alone has power, collectively we have an impact”. Each one of us can show camaraderie just by supporting each other and it doesn’t have to involve monetary transactions. Here, are a few ways you can support your fellow women in business:

1) Connect with them on Social Media 

Social media is the best platform for business owners to reach their potential customers and also build a relationship with the already existing ones. Simply leaving positive reviews and engaging with their content and promoting it might help them find new clients to work with and grow their business. 

2) Refer their work to others 

It is time that we reversed the stereotype claiming that women are always “jealous” and never support one another. We can collectively change that mindset by supporting and referring the work of female entrepreneurs to people we believe could be beneficial to their businesses.  

3) Find ways you can work together 

Women are often faced with hurdles while starting a business such as unconscious bias and lack of support from family. Make sure to invest your time to mentor, support and directly help a women business owner. Creating partnerships is also a fantastic way for two people to bring their individual calibre into the venture. 

4) Don’t see other women as competition but as a wing woman to both your success 

Women have often been marginalised in workspaces. Instead of fighting together for our equal rights, we often forget who the real enemy is and end up fighting each other. It is essential for women to stand up against prejudices and help each other in their professional ventures. In fact, new research in the Harvard Business Review finds that women benefit more from collaboration with other women than competition.

I am very particular about what I buy but I have a wishlist that includes most woman-owned businesses. Here is a link to one of them:

Holiday Gift Guide: 2021 Edition

If you know amazing woman-owned businesses, please leave a comment about them. I would love to check them out.

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