Nut Khut Peanut Butter , Organza Foods

Nut Khut Peanut Butter, Organza Foods

Nut Khut Peanut Butter, Organza Foods

Nut Khut Peanut Butter, Organza Foods

While it is not a secret that peanut butter is a huge hit amongst children and growing teens, I do notice the weight-conscious lot putting peanut butter under huge scrutiny when it comes to calorie counts. The calorie count is a separate matter as it depends entirely on your meals and exercise but peanut butter can prove to be quite beneficial if you are looking to boost your system with some rich potent nutrients. Peanut Butter contains good fats that help lower cholesterol and help prevent heart disease. They also contain antioxidants and Vitamin E that makes it excellent for the skin. They are a rich source of protein and potassium helping lower the risks of blood pressure and aiding in building muscles and healthy bones.

Now, that we are more aware of all the benefits peanut butter has to offer, let me introduce to you Nut Khut Peanut Butter by Organza Foods. Organza foods’ peanut butter is prepared by Ashmita Deshmukh in her rustic Chembur Kitchen in Mumbai where she concocts a host of organic snacks and nibbles and gets them delivered right to your doorstep. While Ashmita’s food and bakes are packed with distinctive flavours, it also leaves you with an earthy warm taste often reminiscent of a home-cooked relish.

While there are various options to choose from, do you know what makes Nut Khut special?

Nut Khut Peanut Butter , Organza Foods
Nut Khut
  1. All the ingredients used in the peanut butter are Organic.
  2. Organza’s peanut butter has added benefits as they comprise of flaxseeds, sesame, cold-pressed coconut oil, jaggery and pink salt.
  3. All items are free of preservatives.
  4.  The Nut Khut Peanut butter is refined sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.
  5. The nut butter is vegan friendly.

Coming to the taste,  the peanut butter offers a well balanced creamy yet chunky flavour and a distinctive nutty taste with a hint of salt. The texture and consistency are not too thick which makes it easy to spread while not getting clumpy.  The best part of it is the fact that is it very reasonably priced. You can spread it on cookies, sandwiches and crackers or just add a heap into your smoothies but I simply love to take a scoop out and enjoy.

Nut Khut Peanut Butter , Organza Foods
Nut Khut Peanut Butter – Organza Foods

Nut Khut Organza Foods

250 gms – Rs 349

Ingredients roasted peanuts, flaxseeds, sesame, cold-pressed coconut oil, jaggery and pink salt. 

Nutrition Facts – (per 2 TBSP) 30 gm

Carbohydrates: 1.8|| Sugar : 0.4 || Protein: 1.7 || Fat:2.7 || Calories 40.6

Placing an order is as easy as a pie – email: or call +919833911263.

You can check out their prix fixe menu here 

About Organza Foods

Organza Foods is a home-delivered organic snack supplier based in Chembur, Mumbai. All the ingredients used are 100 % organic and currently, they offer only vegetarian options in their menu. Some of their strongly recommended items are nut butter, laddoos, gluten-free bread and chutneys.

Nut Khut Peanut Butter , Organza Foods
Organza Foods

I am sure after you try Organza Food’s Nut Khut peanut butter, you will keep returning to them for more.

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  1. Hi,organzafoods website doesn’t open.we are liking frwd to order some of their products however unable to… Please lemme knw hw cn in order from them.

  2. Hey Sindhu . Thanks for visiting. There is an issue with their website . Please, feel free to call her or email . The products taste amazing and I ‘m sure you will enjoy the butters . ? Do share your views later .

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