Of Joy and Whimsy- Beth Anne.

Of Joy and Whimsy- Beth Anne.

Of Joy and Whimsy, Beth Anne.

Dreamer, painter, Ladyprenuer, artist and college graduate.

Meet Beth Anne, a recent college grad living in Jacksonville, FL. Currently, she is searching for a full-time “big girl” job and likes to spend her free time doing what she loves the most: painting. She calls herself an artist and a dreamer. Beth has found an artistic way of using her painting skills to create things that bring joy to others! The first hand-painted floral wood round was created as a Christmas gift for one of her best friends and after posting a photo of it on Facebook, Beth received some amazing feedback from friends and family. Many of her friends encouraged her to open an Etsy shop and sell her work. After receiving more positive feedback following the creation of her second custom wood round (made for another friend of hers), “Of joy and whimsy” was born!

Beth AnneEach wood round is completely hand-painted by Beth using acrylic paint. The text on the pieces is given a raised, three-dimensional effect by using a combination of acrylic paint and puffy paint. The custom pieces she creates typically takes her around  4-6 days to create, depending on the amount of detail/florals/words on the piece.

Currently, she only offers two size options for wood rounds in her  Etsy shop, but either size is completely customizable! Interested buyers are able to choose what quote goes on their piece/pieces, whether the piece has more flowers or foliage or an even mixture of both, and even the colour scheme for the piece (i.e. more pinks and blues, or more oranges and yellows).

Beth is currently working on some new custom orders, which she is excited to share with her customers. Watch all the progress on her official Instagram account Of Joy and Whimsy

Where to buy Of Joy and Whimsy products?

When Beth opened “Of joy and whimsy” she only shipped within the United States, but now she has opened up international shipping worldwide except for Australia.  If anyone is interested in ordering a custom wood round, they can place an order at her Etsy store.

Let us take a look at her some of the fresh floral wood rounds that she has already created and the ones that are in the process of creation.

Of Joy and Whimsy , Beth Anne.
wood rounds painting in progress

Of Joy and Whimsy , Beth Anne.

Of Joy and Whimsy , Beth Anne.
Be Joyful Always Wood Round

*All Images Via Of Joy and Whimsy *

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