Planning with the Happiness Planner

Planning with the Happiness Planner

Planning With The Happiness Planner

My sincere apologies for taking a long break and being back after almost a month. The reason for taking the break was to go for a digital detox and ask me a few tough questions. Out of these questions, one difficult question that haunts each one of us at least once in our lifetime is ‘how to be happy’. We do so much dashing from pillar to post all in the hope of being happy but what does it take to be happy?

If not always at least most of the times what works is to ask ourselves what we really want. Now, figuring out what we want is a whole different task but taking steps towards our goals will at least lead us somewhere. In this regard, planners are receiving a humongous amount of attention from around the world. From people buying it to get their work done to just decorating their table with it. But what if I told you about a planner that aims at making you happy within 100 days? I am overjoyed to introduce to you the Happiness Planner which also happens to be my first international collaboration.

About Happiness Planner 

The Happiness Planner incorporates the practices of positive thinking, positive affirmations, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development into the daily and weekly/monthly pages. Mo Seetubtim the founder of the blog – The BrandMentalist started out by inspiring readers with positive quotes and affirmations and eventually went on to launch her very own stationery brand that now helps people become happier. Read the full interview here.

100 Days Happiness Planner ( Lavender )
100 Days Happiness Planner ( Lavender )

100 Happiness Planner (undated)

I am thrilled to have received my very first Happiness Planner as I am somebody who loves to plan ahead and somebody who loves pretty stationery. But to call Happiness Planner just stationary is unjustified. The Planner is divided into different sections. The first part of the Planner places a host of questions for us to answer including questions like what makes us unhappy, our strengths, our dreams etc. The point is to clear the mind of doubts and move ahead with some clarity.

The next part is planning every day and week of the next 100 days. At the end of each week, you have to look back and provide estimates.

At the end of the Planner are again a set of questions we need to answer to see if we have gotten ourselves unstuck and if we have managed to progress ahead in life. There are wise quotes on the left side of most of the pages as well as on everyday planning pages.

Why Happiness Planner?

Personally, I have been finding it very hard to break away from self-sabotaging cycles and I find the Planner quite useful at this time. I have listed a few goals for myself and have been directing myself towards completing those goals every single day. I am also somebody who is naturally good at ‘rapid-fire’ questions but some of these questions left me baffled and blank for quite some time.

There are many motivational speakers and dime a dozen self-help books but unless we have trained our minds and ourselves into following a positive pattern, everything else will fail. It is for this very reason why I want to thank Mo Seetubtin for designing a Planner that helps us get in tune with our deeper selves. There are also the Changing A Habit in 30 days notepads which are useful in keeping up to my smaller goals like walking regularly, reading regularly or just drinking a glass of fresh juice daily.

Planning with the Happiness Planner
Note Card

I recommend beginners to start with the 100 days planner and then move to other planners.

There are 100 Days undated Planners in five colours, two yearly Happiness Planner in two colours, 52  weekly undated Planners in two colours, Happy notes, Note Pads and accessories.

Visit Happiness Planners to order or download free printable.

The Planners sell out very quickly so place your orders before they are all sold out.

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  1. Superb post. Thank you Alisha for sharing such a detailed review.
    I’m tempted to place an order for one as well. I think I will! ?

  2. Hey Neetha . Thanks . I’m glad you liked the post. Yes, we all need to try the Happiness Planner 🙂 .

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