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Probiotic Natural Deodorant by Just B Au Naturel

Probiotic Natural Deodorant by Just B Au Naturel

Probiotic Natural Deodorant by Just B Au Naturel

We are midway into 2017 and it gives me sheer pleasure to let you know that today we have the right kind of knowledge and tools to help us lead a healthier life without being a threat to the environment. Health and wellness today focuses more on finding the right balance of things whether we talk about physical or mental wellbeing. If you are not already aware, let me tell you why Probiotics is all the rage these days. Fermented food items like Kombucha, Kefir, Kimchi and many others are already a big hit in the market for various health benefits and there would be no reason for us not to benefit from Probiotics when to comes to skincare. 

What are Probiotics?

Probiotic is a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties such as those of the intestinal flora also known as microflora. For instance, when we are put on antibiotics which act on the bad bacteria, the good bacteria in the gut gets eliminated too disturbing the balance which ultimately causes digestion issues. One very popular probiotic dairy product that is easily available in India happens to be Yakult. If we apply the same logic to skincare, we can work create magic too. Probiotics balance the bad bacteria living in our skin which if not controlled, may trigger inflammation, acne, rosacea and eczema. In all of these case, Probiotics can act as a great healing agent.

India’s first Probiotic Natural Deodorant 

Probiotic Natural Deodorant by Just B Au Naturel

Probiotic Natural Deodorant

The great news is that Just B Au Naturel has just launched India’s first Probiotic Natural Deodorant last month and I happen to be using the product for almost two weeks now. By the way, if you are not aware of Just B Au Naturel’s Natural Deodorant Cream, then you may want to read about it here, just so you know how traditional deodorants are hazardous to your health, especially if you are a woman.

Applying the same principle as that of the Probiotic used for digestion, the probiotic deodorant supports body’s natural processes, not only preventing odour by removing toxins but by balancing and improving the health of the skin. Unlike a chemical infused deodorant which works by killing both good and bacteria or by masking the odour, the probiotic deodorant works to keep the right balance of bacteria to keep body odour in control.

Now,  you may ask why probiotic natural deodorant when the natural deodorant was already available?

The answer is because the Probiotic deodorant tackles the root of the problem, that is balancing the bacteria, so there is no need to mask it by spraying chemically-laden deodorants. The natural deodorant is great if you want are on a tight budget but the Probiotic Natural Deodorant is definitely worth a try.

The texture is a lot smoother and balmier and spreads smoothly on the skin. The fragrance is light, fresh and citrusy. The hold is amazing and the deodorant is suitable for both sexes. Also, it does not stain clothes. I was already a fan of Just B Au Naturel’s Natural Deodorant but the Probiotic Deodorant has been much better than all my expectations. It will take you some time to adjust to natural deodorant but I’m sure you will be happy you swapped it for ordinary chemical deodorant.

Probiotic Natural Deodorant by Just B Au Naturel

Probiotic Natural Deodorant by Just B Au Naturel

I love natural and organic products and also like the idea of following DIYs. However, I tend to avoid it for three important reasons – the understanding of the science of skincare requires education and expertise in the field (what works for one person may not work for another), right proportions are everything and the most important is the sourcing of the ingredients. In this matter, Just B Au Naturel is one of the very few brands I trust in India when it comes to organic and natural skincare.


 Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Arrowroot, Organic Beeswax, Organic Essential Oils, Sodium Bicarbonate and Probiotics. 

Shelf life – 6 Months

Rs – 1,500 for 60 gms.

Directions on How To Use : 

Apply a pea-sized amount to moist clean underarms and rub in gently. As I always say when using natural products remember to go for a patch test. A patch test is recommended for the deodorant too as people with extremely sensitive skin sometimes develop rashes due to baking soda.

About Just B Au Naturel 

Just B Au Naturel is a brand that provides luxurious organic & natural skincare formulations founded on sustainable principles of high quality and environmental sensitivity. The products are chemical-free and are created by using the finest sustainably sourced whole plant fair trade ingredients.

Bubbles Singh is the product formulator and founder and Simrita Singh is the managing partner. Bubbles Singh studied at the Skincare Formulation, UK and after four years of extensive research developed the perfect skin formulas. Undergoing extensive trials on friends & family, Just B Au Naturel was born. Simrita has worked at the United Nations on different projects starting with research on gender equality and women’s empowerment, global campaigns advocating for change, addressing social causes like HIV, food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture (UN Women, UN FAO-Food & Agriculture, UNAIDS, MDG Campaign). She was also the head of Marketing & Communication for various Luxury brands in India. Inspired by change and new experiences, with an innate passion to protect the environment and animals, she is totally moved by the transformative power of people.

Since Just B Au Naturel is a part of the green community and is conducting a green business, they are taking all steps to endorse eco-friendly techniques of promoting business. For every 3 jars you return them, they will give you an additional 10% on your next bill. The policy is REUSE, RECYCLE and REWARD.

All products are 100% free from fillers, talc, sulphates, GMO ingredients, parabens, mineral oils and phthalates.

Where to Buy?

Buy online from their store –  Just B Au Naturel.

Alisha Kaisar

Alisha Kaisar

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