Smoothie Bowls with Bowl Bar's Founder Marissa Bronfman

Smoothie Bowls with Bowl Bar’s Founder Marissa Bronfman

Smoothie Bowls with Bowl Bar’s Founder Marissa Bronfman

We all agree that a woman who inspires us and pave a way for us should share their stories so that the rest of us can be inspired. Even before I started blogging, I had always been a strong advocate of working for the bigger good. So, I thought whenever I find something inspiring I would share the same with all of you.

Snaps of smoothie bowls have been a rising trend on social media all over the world especially on Instagram. From using frozen bananas as a base to picking chopped nuts, roasted coconut flakes or cacao nibs as toppings, health freaks around the globe are showing as a peek of their breakfast bowls. Marissa Bronfman’s Bowl Bar has come a long way since she started making superfood smoothie bowls in her Bombay kitchen and posting them on Instagram. The incredible response led to the birth of Bowl bar. Marissa has been a journalist and a media consultant who contributes to The Huffington Post, Vogue India, Conde Nast Traveller and more. From a Bombay kitchen to an Instagram account and to Bowl Bar vegan delivery service,  Marissa is all set to launch her all-vegan cafe in Mumbai very soon. I caught up with her for a small interview on all her experiences and her upcoming plans including the launching of her vegan cafe.

Smoothie Bowls with Bowl Bar's Founder Marissa Bronfman
Chia Seed Pudding by Bowl Bar

Me: Bowl Bar started with an Instagram account and it has come a long way since then. Could you tell us about your journey?

Marissa: The journey is very simple and has happened as naturally as our food. When I moved to Bombay I was frequently sick and wanted to get healthy. I started researching superfoods, buying them every time I went back to Toronto and NYC and incorporating them into my diet in Bombay. Since I have a digital media agency – Moxie Media – I was sharing images of my food and beverages online. The response was incredible! I quickly realized that so many people wanted to be healthy, they were hungry for information, and I wanted to provide that. Also, I wanted to eat and drink all these delicious things outside of my own kitchen and I realized many others did too. Creating Bowl Bar came from the passion of wanting to create a new market, one which I would gladly be a consumer.
Me:  Are you a practising vegan? If yes, when and why did you decide to become one?

Marissa: I’m not currently a strict vegan but I am certainly on my way there. I cut dairy out of my diet a few years ago and the effect is wonderful. Humans are meant to consume milk (or dairy) after infancy, as many studies prove. Also, there are just so many ethical issues with the dairy industry that I can’t reconcile.

I currently eat farm-fresh eggs, but I’m conflicted about it. One of my resolutions this year was to ensure I don’t ever buy anything with leather again. Every little bit counts. Every decision matters. We all have a lot of power.

Me: The chia seed pudding is a perfect example of the philosophy the Bowl Bar holds of delivering nutrition and flavour. What are the key ingredients used while preparing the dish?

Marissa: It’s super simple, as everything Bowl Bar is and will be. That’s really the future of food I feel. Fresh, natural ingredients.

We use chia seeds, coconut cream, organic agave, small bananas and fresh pomegranate seeds. We are also experimenting with natural flavours. We recently added strawberries to the bowls.

Me:  Could you advise on a few things relating to diet while one decides to go vegan?

Marissa: Plant-based protein! Quinoa, hummus, chia seeds. These are just a few incredible sources of protein vegans should have frequently in their diet. Cook a large pot of organic quinoa and keep it in your fridge. The healthier the food in your fridge, the more likely you are to eat healthy when hunger strikes.

Me: What would be the three superfoods for vegans?

Marissa: Quinoa and chia are two of my favourite superfoods. They go so well with so many things. Quinoa will play a starring role in many of our upcoming bowls at Bowl Bar. As a third, I really love maca powder. This Incan superfood is so good for you in so many ways. I often put it in my morning smoothies.
Me:  Since you are a part of the green community, do you follow a daily ritual to keep calm and for staying fit?

Marissa: That’s definitely easier said than done when you’re running your own business (two!!) and doing that in a manic city like Bombay. I find yoga vital for my mental and physical health. I also love running outdoors but with the city’s air pollution, that can be tough.

Me: Nut milks are soon going to be a part of your menu, could you give us some information about the range?

Marissa: I’m so excited to introduce nut mylks! We recently gifted a bunch to our friends, customers, celebrities and influencers and everyone just adored them. We will likely launch with a naturally sweetened cashew mix, then slowly introduce other nut-based mylks with a variety of healthy flavours.

Me:  We are eagerly waiting for The Bowl Bar Cafe that is to be launched soon. What kind of ambience are you going for? Would it be a place where you can be by yourself and a place where people can relax for long hours or would be a place where you can drop down for a quick meal?

Marissa: I can’t wait to open the first cafe and expand to other cities and countries! The space will be open, airy and green – literally and figuratively. Natural sunlight for Vitamin D and lots of indoor plants and flowers. Open all day, free wifi, airy space. We’re working on some fun approaches to delivery and takeaway as well since that’s so important in big cities.

Thank You for sharing with us your experiences and your upcoming plans. We wish you all the very best with your new project and I will stay tuned to share all the news and developments regarding the same. Have a wonderful weekend people. Thank you for reading, sharing, reposting and retweeting!  You can follow Marissa and Bowl Bar on all social media platforms.

Smoothie Bowls with Bowl Bar's Founder Marissa Bronfman
Marissa Bronfman
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