Wedding Decor With Indie Eco Candles.

Wedding Decor With Indie Eco Candles.

Wedding Decor With Indie Eco Candles.

Wedding Decor With Indie Eco Candles.

Weddings by the sea or landscaped gardens, during the day or at night below the stars are made all the more romantic and memorable by infusing life and character through flowers, lamps and candles. Candles have always been a hot favourite amongst the ladies for the fragrance and ambience it provides but even while selecting candles there are a few things to keep in mind. Opting for natural vegetable candles have its benefits over candles that contain paraffin in them. At Indie Eco Candles, all candles are handcrafted with natural vegetable wax and infused with purest essential oils.

Before discovering Indie Eco Candles I used to get scented candles in bulk, often not realising the cause of nausea and headache after lighting them throughout the day or night. It took me quite a while to understand the cause of my discomfort. The commonly used wax for candles is paraffin and when paraffin containing candle is burnt it releases toxic gases into the surroundings. These gases are dangerous enough to cause allergies, asthma attacks and even cancer when used over a long period of time.  I came across Indie Eco candles while going for my Yoga classes and fell in love with it at the very first whiff. The luxury candles at Indie Eco are handcrafted with 100% natural vegetable wax and infused with the finest fragrance and essential oils. The wicks are all made up of cotton.

Wedding Decor

For a traditional Indian wedding where a lot of copper and brass utensils are used, Tropical Breeze with Kaffir Lime would be best suited. This delectable fragrance composed of tangerine and grapefruit is infused with exotic mango and passion fruit. Reminiscent of a sun-kissed holiday, this delicious scent surprises you with undertones of zesty Kaffir lime. Put all the decor items on your copper thali and add flowers and candles to give it a more lively feel.

For a day wedding, the Rose Patchouli and Amber candle can be used inside birdcages or elongated rectangular glass boxes and covered with white and pastel-toned flowers to give a more relaxed yet romantic feel to the setting. Allow yourself to soak in the sensuality and warmth exuded by this fragrance. The inimitable sophistication of rose elegantly blends with the earthy tonality of Patchouli, Amber and Musk to create this alluring candle.

Wedding Decor With Indie Eco Candles.
Rose Patchouli and Amber

You may use Lotus and Wild berries for dinner table settings by placing the candles next to glass jars of different sizes and line them over the table runner. Add Peonies and other flowers to create a magical evening at the wedding for memories that would last a lifetime. A glorious blend of the mystical lotus flower and fragrant peonies. In perfect harmony with the lusciously fruity wild red berries to create a luxurious fragrance that is both intoxicating and soothing.

Wedding Decor with Indie Eco candles.
Lotus and Wild berries

For an open wedding at night, candles can be hung in round glass jars from trees to light up the venue as well as add a natural way of decorating rather than just covering trees with string lights. Use cinnamon with a hint of orange for a warm woody smell that would also keep away bugs and mosquitoes. With a touch of tangy orange in warm spicy cinnamon, this comforting fragrance evokes a mellow and cosy feeling. Just the right hint of aromatic clove makes this candle a treat for the senses.

Wedding Decor with Indie Eco candles.
Cinnamon with a hint of orange

Specifications : 

7 Cms Diameter And 9 Cms Height

360 Grams

Rs 690

Cautions :

Since silk and other fabrics are an integral part of wedding decor, refrain from placing candles very close to fabrics. Also, candles should not be left unattended for long hours and monitoring the wicks from time will ensure that the candles are well lit. With children around proper installation should be paid attention to keep burning hazards at bay.

Indie Eco Candles : 

Indie Eco Candles is a brand that makes natural vegetable-based handcrafted luxury candles that are infused with essential oils. There are 12 varieties to choose from their classic range, two types of deodorising candles for kitchen and bathroom, citronella garden candles for outdoors, shot glass collection of nine fragrances, an assortment of ten tea light candles and 12 fragrances in travel tins. A range of Ayurvedic candles for Chakra and Dosha is also available. For the festive seasons, flower votives, gift boxes and the oriental gold vessel can also be selected.

Visit Indie Eco here for further details. The candles are also available for sale at various outlets throughout Mumbai.

Payal Tyagi is the founder and owner of Indie Eco Candles which is an all-women organisation. At Indie Eco Candles, she ensures convenient working hours, good pays and training programs for the ladies. She is deeply involved in enhancing the lives of the team members and also provides essential mentoring for their children.

We will read more about Payal soon and until then I hope I could help you learn something new today.

Keep reading and be happy!

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