What Cancel Culture Can Cost your business

Two years ago, we were approached by a very popular YouTuber and her boyfriend to make their website. As a procedure, they paid an advance which is half of the total advance. Every project involves going back and forth because clients have ideas that need to need to be executed. A lot goes into the making of a website and it’s not just about just pretty fonts and popping colours. Our project got delayed and we ended up getting into an argument. They leave the group with the boyfriend wishing us all the best because we won’t have work after this according to him.  And the nightmare followed. She went to other platforms to share the negative reviews we got. Back then out of 75 projects we had only 4 customers who disliked our service mostly because they were not happy with our rates or they want you to finish the project either in less than a month after which they disappear and come back only when they are available. It was never because of our work.

We gave them free banners which were not a part of our job as website designers and developers and tried to implement all the changes they asked for at the earliest. But I guess with someone who has so many followers and money at such a young age, it did not occur to her to take legal action and demand the advance instead, she chose social media and her followers to hurt us and our business. The advance cannot be returned because the website was 98% complete and we put in hours. Her comrades reported us, shared her posts, left reviews, threatened us and left no stone unturned to cause us mental agony. Sharing a few screenshots here so you can understand what we went through.

What is Cancel culture?

Cancel culture is a social and professional banishment aimed at a person or a group by others who disagree with them or find them offensive.

Acting in order to achieve ‘justice’, these mobs of self-appointed and brutal ‘activists’  often behave in a vindictive manner.

The person or the group is punished more than the act itself. There is often no clarity on evidence and claims.

What Cancel Culture Can Cost your business

Are We Safe?

As human beings, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, we tend to fall out. But we also have the right to express our opinions in a respectable and civilised manner. We need to ask ourselves before posting something for the world to see.

Without hearing the other side or perspective and acting on just one is the reason why we may all become a victim of Cancel Culture.

Deciding to break ties, not working with someone or even boycotting is one thing but cancelling someone is to actively campaign against them.

What Can be Done?

I am not an expert but based on personal experience, I will share what can be done. If you are online, you are in the public and can become vulnerable. People can report you, and put up fake reviews to take your business down. They may even try to hack your accounts.

  • Always, try not to put up your address or personal details if not necessary.
  • Keep your passwords very safe. Make sure you don’t keep the same passwords. Opt for double authentication.
  • Keep your comments private if you doubt it may spark unnecessary debates.
  • Get expert help.
What Cancel Culture Can Cost your business

It can happen to anyone and everyone. 

Initially served a legal notice but decided not to proceed because of the inexperience of the other party. 

Perhaps, they will one day in their lifetime figure out that you cannot please the whole world and that negative and positive reviews are a part of running any business. 

It’s not very wise to comment on any business or story without knowing how it works or the full story.

Please share if you think it can help protect someone.

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